TRANSLATION – Custom Quotes

Contracting translation services from Interpreter’s Boutique (IB) requires the following procedure:

  • The client must send the corresponding text via email to IB, specifying any preferences or requirements.
  • IB commits to respond with the corresponding budget within 24 hours; therein stating the price and time required for said service.
  • Once the budget has been approved by the client, the client must send the corresponding fiscal information for the invoice to IB within 24hours. IB will send an invoice and bank account details for the payment.
  • The agreed time for execution of the service will start as soon as IB receives receipt of payment.
  • The standard delivery time for short translations is 48 hours.
  • If the client requires the translation in less time than established in the initial quotation, it will be considered urgent; there will be a 50% surcharge for urgent translations.
  • Any courier costs derived from sworn translations will be added to the end price and therefore be borne by the client.
  • The price of the translation depends on various factors, such as: type of text (technical, legal, sworn, editorial, etc.), the timeframe and the language combination.


The procedure for contracting interpreting services from Interpreter's Boutique (IB) is as follows:

  • Clients must give all the details for the service required to IB, preferably via email. Meetings or phone conversations are also recurring methods to agree on needs, details and preferences, as well as the exact date and time.
  • The price of the service is depends of the specific requirements (whether it is simultaneous translation, technical, assistance in meetings or events, etc).
  • IB will designate the right person for each service taking into consideration the specific requirements of the job. IB will send the corresponding quotation to the client.
  • Most of our team of interpreters is on the island, however if it were necessary, any transport costs derived from alternate locations to or from the island must be covered by the client, as well as accommodation and subsistence allowance.
  • Once the client approves this budget, it is imperative to send the corresponding fiscal information which will allows IB to execute the invoice duly.
  • Please note that the reservation will not be effective until the client has done the corresponding payment. If this process takes days, IB does not guarantee availability of the interpreter and there be modifications to the initial offer.
  • In the case that there are any modifications in the date or time of the plan scheduled, IB will have the best predisposition to adapt to the new circumstances, however IB does not commit to having availability for the new arrangement. If any additional charges derive from said modification, this must also be borne by the client.
  • If the service must be cancelled, IB will in no case offer a refund for the deposit.

This is the standard procedure. IB does establish personalized agreements with recurring clients once establishing their needs.



Please do not hesitate to consult with us to discuss the options. We will respond as soon as possible to your request.